05 November 2007

Top Twenty Sites with topic on Job Vacancy or Lowongan Kerja : my perspective

There are many sites include blog use job vacancy or job opportunity as the main/focus topic. This topic choosed because that is one of most people search in internet. as indicator, if we use search engine like Google.com and write keyword "lowongan kerja" or "Job vacancy", we can get result with almost 2.5 millions sites contain it's topic.
Because of the enthusiasm, Webmasters/blogger compete to be the high position/rank by search engine. At least, in my perspective I list the sites I visit and voted best and trusted twenty job vacancies sites.
  1. http://www.lowongan-pekerjaan.com| Situs Info Lowongan Kerja 2007 Terbaru |
  2. http://www.kompas.co.id/infokarir | Informasi Kerja |
  3. http://www.karir.com | Indonesia's Career Site |
  4. http://bursa-kerja.ptkpt.net | Bursa lowongan kerja dan beasiswa |
  5. http://jobindo.com| Lowongan Kerja dan Karir|
  6. http://www.datakarir.com| Lowongan kerja dan Karir di Indonesia |
  7. http://www.jakjobs.com| Info lowongan kerja terbaru 2007 |
  8. http://www.loker.web.id| Info lowongan kerja & karir terbaru, terpercaya |
  9. http://jobitcom.com| The Integrated IT Career Services |
  10. http://lowonganjob.org| Indonesian Newest Job Vacancy and Opportunity |
  11. http://www.lowongan-pekerjaan.net/| Situs Lowongan Kerja terbaru |
  12. http://idjobseeker.org| Job Vacancy Information and Career |
  13. http://www.lapangankerja.com| Lapangan kerja|
  14. http://infolowongankerja.blogspot.com| Informasi Lowongan Kerja Terbaru |
  15. http://duniakarir.com| Portal lowongan kerja |
  16. http://www.disnakerkarawang.go.id| Situs Resmi Disnaker Kab. Karawang |
  17. http://bursa.lowongan.net| Bursa lowongan kerja dan Bisnis |
  18. http://www.webiklan.com| Iklan lowongan kerja |
  19. http://datalowongankerja.com| Indonesia Job Employment and Career Vacancy |
  20. http://www.situslowongankerja.com| Situs lowongan kerja Indonesia |

All above are result of googling with keyword people most use. In the other hand I myself have observed them all, and I think, so far They have trusted data and enough standard informations. please surf them...

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